Can a zebra change his spots
or ever be orange –
run faster than a cheetah?
Well, maybe. Maybe not.

Why would a zebra want to?
Would you change if you could –
freckles, dimples, corkscrew hair –
whatever makes you you?

Why change what sets you apart –
even your sensitive
little baby feelings if
they come from your true heart?

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yes [aye]
tive. a-
air, wind-
o[w], door,
a mind.
John climbed
to yes
and changed
the world.

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I cannot forget,
but signs everywhere
exclaiming your name
stir buried regrets.

I cringe. Anger crawls
through skin over skull.
I feel how it feels
trying to escape.

Wish I could take back
the perfunctory
smile, “Thanks for coming,”
of our first meeting.

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Oh, what if? What iffing
till the fat lady sings –
what good does wishing bring?

With such imagined things
as silv’ry frog-ged wings,
large asses wouldn’t ding
at each every landing,
and bawdy ribit-ting
could conjure mighty kings.

Take a breath! Stop iffing!
Never forget flying,
but begin your living.

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Sergio gazes most mornings
at his fog embraced city while
clouds as languid as he unveil
countless offices in the sky.
He lingers over coffee lost
in its aroma. He likes how
he can drift along that steam back
to his shower with one he loves
and how warm water tastes when sucked
from her deliciously soft skin.

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unfettered (to Hadley)

Change your clothes.
Change your mind.
Never change
your fearless heart.

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TRIVIA – All you
need not know, yet discuss to

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There are clues, but then, one day – all of a sudden –
you awaken on uproarious, clattering
birdsinging. Overnight, wispy willowfronds waft
under spiritstirring, cleansing, bracing breezes,
which powerfully transform water and sunlight
into an eyedazzle of diamonds popping.

Blessed hope blooms like a staunch little daffodil.
A tired sky turns blue. The whole world grows green again.
Oh, the very air you breathe becomes sweet with life.
Pack away coats and boots. It’s time to quit the fire.
Jubilantly rush – rush! Rush headlong toward freedom.
It’s Spring! It’s spring, yes! I NEED a new Pink! lipstick.

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Remembering Ross

Sun on your pick-up’s
dusty, cluttered dash is not
as warm as your smile.

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little Queen

Rest in peace my little Queen,
for all your days of suffering.
Sleep in peace forever then,
for all the times you went unseen.

Now let your brave heart lie still.
I keep you in mine (always will).
Your pain proved too much to feel,
but your love I remember well.

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