Monroe’s legacy

Abby was five years old, precocious, neglected.
She often slipped away to play with the Wilson
boys, who had a camping tent out back near the woods.
For brothers Bill and David, eight and eleven,

Abby was a nuisance. She showed up one day while
Bobby Blankenship happened to be over there.
Blankenships were trash. Bobby was a tough thirteen.
David knew him from school and from Monroe’s after.
He gave Abby the creeps, but to Bill and David’s
surprise, Bobby welcomed Abby into their tent.
He posted Bill as guard. Wasting no time, Bobby
pulled down his pants and demanded of Abby to,
“Lick it like a Popsicle. That’s what grown-ups do.”
However creepy Abby felt, she complied. So
did David at Bobby’s suggestion he receive
the same service. On hands and knees, Abby got scared
when Bobby called her his bitch. And then Bobby poked
inside her. Abby began to cry. Bobby laughed.

At fifteen, Bobby got sent to Jordonia
for some other trouble. David got gray headed
without ever looking anyone in the eye.
Abby grew up thinking she was bad. No one cared.

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